Corn-Spinach Lasagna

Lasagna (16)

Lasagna is an oldest types of pasta commonly refers to a dish made with several layers of lasagne sheets alternated with sauces and different vegetables. Today, I combined different methods and prepared my version of lasagna today and it turned out really good! So, Here is my recipe!

Lasagna (23)

For the filling

Olive oil – 2 tbsp
Onion(chopped) – 1
Garlic (shredded) – 6-7 cloves
Corn(boiled) – 1 cup
Spinach(chopped roughly) – 3 cups
Few basil leaves (torn)
Salt – 1 tsp
Black pepper – 1 tsp

For the Marinara Sauce
Tomatoes Blanched and pureed – 6
Onion Chopped fine – 1
Garlic Crushed – 7-8  cloves
Olive oil – 1 tbsp
Salt and pepper – to taste

For the white sauce
All purpose flour(Maida) – 1 tbsp
Butter – 1 tbsp
Milk – 1.5 cups
Salt – 1 tsp
Sugar – 1 tbsp
Black pepper – 1 tsp

For the Lasagna sheets
All purpose flour(Maida) – 1 cup
Oil- 1 tbsp
Salt – 1 tsp
Baking powder – 1/2 tsp
Water – to kneed the dough

For the Lasagna bake
Lasagna sheets – 8 small
Tomatoes Sliced in rounds – 2
Basil leaves (torn)
Mozzarella cheese (grated) – 2 cups

For the filling,
heat a pan with the olive oil, add onions and chopped garlic, sauté for a minute then add the Spinach, basil leaves and corn and cook till the water dries from the Spinach. Add the Spinach to the cottage cheese in a bowl with Salt and pepper and mix.

For the Marinara sauce, heat the olive oil in a saucepan on medium flame, add onions and crushed garlic, saute till transparent, add the puréed tomato and the seasonings and let it cook for 15 minutes or till the water from the tomato dries up making it thick.

For the white sauce, Sauté the butter and flour on medium heat till light brown, slowly add the milk whisking simultaneously making sure no lumps remain,as the sauce thickens add the salt, pepper and sugar and switch off the flame.

For Lasagna sheets, Mix all purpose flour, salt, oil, baking powder and make regular chapati dough with water. Roll thin roti and cook it on both side just for few seconds. In a separate pan boil water and put the lasagna sheets in it and boil them for approx 30 secs on both sides. On a dry napkin, spread the sheet to remove extra moisture.

For assembling, -Take a greased baking tray and place – (1) Marinara sauce, (2) Lasagna sheets, (3) Spinach filling, (4) Tomato and basil (5) White sauce (6) Marinara sauce (7) Lasagna sheets, (8)Spinach filling (9) Tomato and basil (10) white sauce and (11) Mozzarella cheese
Lasagna (22).jpg
Lasagna (25).jpg
Bake in a preheated oven at 180C/325F for 25 minutes and broil on high for 4 minutes. Serve hot and enjoy! 🙂
Lasagna (26)


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