Crochet Experiments

I like to play with yarns of different colors! Crocheting is difficult compared to other craft and art stuff, but once you understand; it is very exciting and relaxing 🙂 Some of my experiments!

Name plate
Flower Chair motif
Kindle Cover


art (2)
Made these little cute babies for my sister-in-laws baby basket 🙂 I made them using newborn socks 🙂
art (4)
I made these for my cute little nephew on his First month birthday 🙂

art (1)

We moved to San francisco and I started commuting in a bus to office everyday. In the evening, while coming back home – I either read or do crocheting. Some of the crocheting experiments done on bus.

Ear warmer for winter 🙂

Key holder 🙂
Love to see my colorful yarn collection! 

One more baby winter cap for Vidhan 🙂
Vidhan cap.jpg

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