Dot Painting

One of my friend shared a post on facebook of dot painting workshop. All the colorful dots drawn my attraction and then I started researching about it on pinterest and I got lots of ideas. On the next day, I went to my favorite store, Michaels and bought canvas. I bought their special brushes and tried on second day. I did it on small canvas but honestly, I was not satisfied with the result. I wanted it to be more neat and clean. After some day I found a solution, rather than using brushes I used cotton swabs(cotton buds – which we use to clean our ears) and it worked out very well.
No one has ever thought that cotton buds will be used for painting. haha
And here is my first neat dot paiting šŸ˜‰

dot painting.jpg

How beautiful does that look? right? šŸ™‚

About Dot painting: Dot painting is made up of small dots of paint colors like yellow (representing the sun), brown (the soil), red (desert sand) and white (the clouds and the sky). These are traditional Aboriginal colors. Dot paintings can be painted on anything, including on rocks, in caves, etc.

Materials Used:Ā 
6 in x 6 in canvas (Painted it with black acrylic color)
Acrylic colors of your choice
Cotton swabs

You can download any image from internet and follow the pattern on canvas. Just make sure that you allow every dot to dry out completely before applying new one.

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