I am from Nadiad, Gujarat, India. I live in California,USA. I got married in December 2014 and came here with my husband.

I didn’t know how to cook like my mother till I completed my graduation. I really found it difficult and boring. Initially I didn’t enjoy making food. My husband loves tasty food. I love to watch his happy face while eating delicious dishes. So I started making new dishes everyday and understood that cooking is so soothing. It can give you joy 🙂 As I was a professor in India and I love to teach,so I decided to teach via blogs. I will try to share my best knowledge and experience to make cooking enjoyable!!

I like to read and travel too. And i love to write about my experiences..

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  1. Hey Dipal.. Journey which you have started to impart knowledge to those who are keen to learn is great. I always knew from the beginning when I met in the school that you have a spark to do every other thing which finds you intersting and here we are with you wide variety of your blog post. Keep it up. Good luck!! Say Hie to Anuj.


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