I am an engineer by education, currently a student and was professor. but I really love when someone introduce me like this ‘ She is Dipal and she is an artist’. I can not imagine my life without art and books for sure. I always feel that creating an art is meditation. I never like to buy stuff when I am able to make it.
I don’t hesitate to admit that I can not spend months and years on one product. I want it to be finished as soon as possible. I don’t have that patience!
I love to make greeting cards for friends and families and gift them 🙂 I have a problem of multiple passion disorder so whenever I see something interesting, I can’t resist to learn it and try it 🙂
And to learn new art styles, I prefer to learn from youtube or by books. sometimes I like to go to workshops and classes to know other people’s perspective and learn extra techniques.
When I came to USA in december, 2014. I was missing my country. I was really in search of something that can make me happy 🙂 Anuj knew what I like, so one day he drove me to one store here called ‘Michaels’!! and I spent 5 hours on that day! and bingo!! That store became my best friend. I still go to Michaels once a month and spend 4-5 hours to see different art materials and read books to learn them. I have made one promise to me to try new art every month. That’s how I ended up with some of my creations, which I shared here 😉




2 thoughts on “Art

  1. આભાર પ્રજ્ઞાબેનનો – તમારો પરિચય કરાવ્યો. તમારા અને મારા રસના વિષયો થોડાક સરખા અને ઘણા બધા જુદા છે. પણ આપની ઈજનેરી કે ગણિતી ભાષામાં – common factor છે …હોબી

    અહીં મને બધા દાદા કહે છે – મારી પત્ની પણ ! પણ હોબીમાં દાદાગીરી બહુ કરી છે !

    તમારી સાથે સંગત કરવાનું બૌ બૌ બૌ ગમશે , ભાવશે – ઈમેલ કરશો તો વિગતે વાત.


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