My garden

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you”.
– Frank Lloyd Wright
I started falling in love with trees and plants when I was little. I started planting and nurturing trees on every world environment day since I was in primary school. My grand father was a farmer, so my dad is and so do I 🙂
When I plant new tree, I always feel that I am giving birth to new life 🙂
When I came to US, I was missing my tree plantation and I always wanted to grow my own vegetables in my own kitchen garden. These two reasons inspired me to grow vegetables in my patio.
My sister who lived in US, used to plant vegetables in summer. I started researching about it and one day, I went to Home Depot and purchased some pots, potting mix soil and some basic plants like mint, Tomato, Chillies, etc and planted them in little colorful pots at the end of month March. I loved to watch them growing and counting new leaves every day 🙂
It is the best feeling when you eat your first fruit/vegetable from your kitchen garden 🙂
I started planting from 2016 and here are some of the pictures and process of plantation.
Step 1: You need to buy pots and plants. I purchased plastic pots and plants from Home Depot. (Most of the time I avoid buying plastic but the reason is: I am going to use this pots every year, I live in apartment so these becomes easy to move and manage)


Step 2: Put potting mix soil(Miracle grow or patio plus) in the pot and uncover the outer cover of plants.


Step 3: Cover 3/4th of the pot with soil and place the plant. Cover rest of the area with soil and water the plant. (you will need more water for first time)


Now, you just need to wait and watch them to grow 🙂
Few tips:
1. They need 4-6 hours of sunlight. so put your plants in accordingly
2. Water regularly. Touch the soil, if you feel it is dry then water them otherwise don’t.
3. Plants need regularity and care.
4. At every week, cut off the yellow leaves or unwanted stems and clean the leaves.
5. Talk with them everyday 🙂 They listen to it for sure 🙂 You will understand their language once you start talking to them.
6. Most important, love them 🙂 Sing your favorite song with them. Watch them atleast 9-10 times a day 🙂
7. If your plants grow very large, then provide some kind of support.

Let me show you some of the photos of my plants:

Plants (8)
On 25th march,2017 – Eggplant, Strawberry, Mint, Marigold, Chillies, Tomato, Aloevera
Plants (9)
After 3 months 🙂
Plants (1)
After 5 months 🙂 🙂


First chilli and tomatoes 🙂

Plants (21)
Tomatoes 2016


Mint and marigold 🙂


Eggplant and strawberry 🙂


Sunflowers 🙂 I planted seeds and they grew up preety fast!
Some of the harvesting photos 🙂
plantss (1)plantss (4)plantss (8)plantss (9)
Sometimes, I got lots of chillies and the best thing I did with them was to make pickles !


plantss (3)

April 2018 – This time I planted seeds directly 🙂


Spinach and fenugreek leaves 🙂

Blueberry and Strawberry 🙂

Basil and Mint 🙂

Cucumber and Bottle guard flower:)

Okra/Lady finger and Tomatoes 🙂

Baby spinach harvest
Plants (24)
Me, spending time with them while singing my favorite song 🙂

I want to share my sister’s vegetables harvesting photos 🙂
plantss (5)plantss (6)

Plantation is an amazing journey 🙂 Once you start and fall in love with it, you can’t stop yourself 🙂





Growing Fenugreek (લીલી àª®à«‡àª¥à«€)


Steps for growing in pot/container

  1. Find a suitably sized pot or container. I used basic aluminium foil wide container. Do some small holes for excess water drainage.
    Methi (6)
  2. Add potting mix (sand).I used miracle grow potting mix.
  3. Sprinkle the fenugreek seeds on the soil which is easily available in every indian kitchen.
  4. Spread very thin layer of sand just to cover the seeds.
  5. Add water to help sand to set down properly.
  6. Keep watering the plants regularly but only in small amounts. The plant does not need regular sun light so you can put it in your patio at any place.
  7. you will be able to see full green fenugreek leaves in 12-15 days.
  8. At a time of harvest,remove fenugreek leaves from root, cut the roots,wash leaves.
  9. Keep the sand as it is for a week and you will be able to use the sand again!
    Methi (4)